Dance Impressions 
Dance Impressions offer classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Tumbletime for all ages and levels.
All classes are taught in a professional manner with the emphasis on fun.

Recital show line ups
Recital show line ups

10-12 show line up
City lights- Monday Mackenzie's 4:00 tap
Downton Abbey-Monday Debbie's 3:30 ballet
Feed the birds-Monday 1:30 ballet
Nutcracker-Monday Mackenzie's 3:30 ballet
We're in the money-Monday Debbie's 4:00 tap
Lion sleeps tonight-Monday 1:00 tap
911 Memorial-Thursday 6:30 contemporary
Material girl-Monday Debbie's 4:30 jazz
Swing dance party-Monday Mackenzie's 4:30 jazz
Ice cream- Monday 12:30 jazz
Mario cart-Thursday 6:00 tap
Walk this way-Monday Debbie's 5:15 hip hop
Rich girl-Monday Jessie's 5:15 hip hop
Fever-Thursday 7:15 jazz
Your song-Monday 5:45 contemporary

12-2 Show line up
Wouldn't it be lovely-Tuesday Deb's 3:30 ballet
Downton Abbey-Tuesday Nicole's 5:00 ballet
Pretty Woman- Tuesday Mackenzie's 4:00 tap
Itsy bitsy spider-Thursday 10:00 ballet
Shop around-Tuesday Debbie's 4:00 tap
True colors-Tuesday Jessie's contemporary
Let's go fly a kite-Tuesday Mackenzie's 3:30 ballet
Crazy in love-Tuesday adult jazz
Eye of the tiger-Tuesday Mackenzie's 4:30 jazz
Welcome to our world of toys-Thursday 9:30 tap
We're in the money-Tuesday Debbie's 5:45 tap
911 Memorial-Thursday 6:30 contemporary
I like to move it-Tuesday Debbie's 4:30 jazz
Lullaby of Broadway-Tuesday adult tap
When I grow up-Tuesday Nicole's 6:15 jazz
Only when I'm dancing -Thursday 9:00 jazz
Kid in the candy store-Tuesday 5:00 hip hop
Mario cart- Thursday 6:00 tap
Jump around-Tuesday 7:00 Mackenzie's hip hop

2-4 Show line up
Mario cart-Thursday teen tap
City lights- Wednesday Mackenzie's 4:00 tap
Pretty woman-Wednesday Mandie's 4:00 tap
Wouldn't it be lovely-Wednesday Mandie's 3:30 ballet
Who let the dogs out-Friday tumbletime
Waltz of the flowers-Wednesday Mackenzie's 3:30 ballet
Let's go fly a kite-Wednesday Debbie's 3:30 ballet
Putting on the Ritz-Wednesday Debbie's 4:00 tap
911 Memorial-Thursday 6:30 contemporary
Welcome to our world of toys-Friday 10:00 tap
Your song-Wednesday Mackenzie's contemporary
I like to move it-Wednesday Mandie's 4:30 jazz
Eye of the tiger-Wednesday Mackenzie's 4:30 jazz
Walk this way-Wednesday Mackenzie's 5:15 hip hop
Fever-Thursday teen jazz
Itsy bitsy spider-Friday 9:30 ballet
Rich girl-Wednesday Jessies 5:15 hip hop
Material girl-Wednesday Deana's 4:30 jazz

4-6 show line up
Rockettes-Wednesday teen tap
Mad world-Wednesday adult ballet
Hooked on Mozart-Friday 4:00 ballet
The lion sleeps tonight-Saturday tap
I dreamed a dream-Wednesday teen ballet
Its raining men-Wednesday adult tap
Rock a boogie-Friday 4:30 tap
Feed the birds-Saturday ballet
Diamonds are a girls best friend-Wednesday teen jazz
Bad guy-Wednesday adult jazz
My boyfriends back-Friday 5:00 jazz
Royals-Thursday 5:15 contemporary
Together - Kami and Jackie
Ice cream-Saturday jazz
911 Memorial-Thursday 6:30 contemporary
Rockefeller street-Friday 5:30 hip hop
Rock the streets-Wednesday 7:30 hip hop

6-8 Show line up
New York, New York-Monday Deana's ballet
Hooked on swing-Tuesday Nicole's 5:45 tap
Hooked on Mozart-Thursday 3:30 ballet
9 to 5-Monday 7:00 tap
Rock a boogie-Thursday 4:00 tap
Cleaning staff-Tuesday Debbie's 5:00 ballet
Mario cart-Thursday 6:00 tap
Lion King-Tuesday Mackenzie's contemporary
My boyfriends back-Thursday 4:30 jazz
911 Memorial-Thursday 6:30 contemporary
Loose control-Tuesday Jessie's 7:00 hip hop
Rockefeller street-Thursday 5:15 hip hop
New York-Monday Deana's teen jazz
Cover girl-Tuesday Debbie's 6:15 jazz

Please note due to costume changes there will be lulls in the show

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