Dance Impressions 
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The cost of the tickets are $14 per seat.
Each family will be assigned an appointment time (this is done by lottery).
At your scheduled time you may choose your seats.
You will be allowed six tickets per family on ticket day. If you need more tickets they will be sold the first week of June. We have never had any trouble filling everyone ticket request.
If you can't make it to ticket day please fill out a ticket form and at your appointment time we will pick your seats for you.
If you don't show up and you don't fill out a form we will only pick four tickets for you at your appointment time.
You can pick up your tickets at your next class.
Please note that ticket day is very busy and we will not be able to answer the phone to take ticket orders. It must be done in advance. Ticket appointment times are also posted on the bulletin board.

  60 Rockingham Rd, Windham, NH 03087 603-898-2588